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Dr. Nadir Arber, Professor of Medicine and Gastroenterology
Head - Integrated Cancer Prevention Center
Tel Aviv Medical Center and
Tel Aviv University
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The first Cancer Prevention and Diagnosis Center of the Romanian Association for Cancer Prevention was opened in the presence of the His Grace Vincentiu Ploiesteanu Assistant Bishop to the Patriarch, and Her Excellency Mrs. Rodica Radian Gordon, the Ambassador of Israel in Bucharest. This Center is the first step of a pilot program, which is going to be developed in the Holy Archiepiscopate of Bucharest through a collaboration between the Romanian Association for Cancer Prevention and the  Tel Aviv University of Medicine under the high auspices of the Romanian Patriarchy.

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Press handout:
"The cancer from prevention to palliation" at the Patriarchy Palace


The Romanian Patriarchy and the Romanian Association for Cancer Prevention have organized today at the Patriarchy Palace a seminar entitled "The Cancer From Prevention To Palliation"

Speeches on the seminar theme were delivered by: Dr. Bogdan Catrangiu, the President of the Romanian Association for Cancer Prevention, Mrs. Professor Dr. Elena Zamfir, the Director of the Social Assistance and Psychology Department of the Sociology and Social Assistance Faculty of the Bucharest University, Mrs. Marlene Farcas, the Executive Director of the Romanian Cancer Society in Cluj, Mrs. Malina Dumitrescu, Director of the "Hospice House of the Hope" organization in Brasov, doctors, priests, psychologists and social assistants involved in cancer prevention, palliative treatment and cancer affected people assistance.

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In the beginning of the seminar, His Beatitude Patriarch Teoctist delivered the participants a blessing speech, in which he underlined the fact that the implication in the society problems represents a priority to the church. His Beatitude Patriarch Teoctist showed that sickness is not only a suffering of the body and asserted the importance of the spiritual means (fasting, praying, The Holy Sacraments) in re-establishing the balance of the human life. "The precarious body estate challenges the soul powers, His Beatitude Patriarch Teoctist added, but at the same time it emanates unknown energies, creating solidarity, carefulness, dedication, honor and patience, often leading to faith and wisdom. This way, the illness decreases its negative effect, and life is the only thing that matters. If health is a relative notion, the opposite sense of the sickness is life itself, for which any human being should thank God."