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Splaiul Independenței 99-101,

the ARPC's partner in Israel, contact person:
Dr. Nadir Arber, Professor of Medicine and Gastroenterology
Head - Integrated Cancer Prevention Center
Tel Aviv Medical Center and
Tel Aviv University
6 Weizmann St., Tel Aviv 64239
Tel: 972-3-6974968
Fax: 972-3-6950339

What is the purpose of the Romanian Association for Cancer Prevention?

RACP, under the patronage of the Romanian Orthodox Church and the partnership of theTel Aviv University of Medicine from Israel, wishes to increase family's level of responsibility towards the individual and of the individual towards his/her family. Thus, we have as goal fighting against ignorance and arrogance, removing the uncertainty and the negligence of the actors taking part in the prevention act, releasing the communication cannels and improving communication and interrelation within the community (patient, family, doctor).

The Romanian Association for Cancer Prevention wants to create an educational prevention program of the most frequent cancer forms with the competent help of the medical personnel, the priests, social assistants, psychologists and all the people who understand that we are not involved only in a medical pragmatism but also in a less explored direction which we consider nevertheless mandatory in order to perform in what it regards the health condition and the sickness diagnosis, a friendly attitude toward the patients and work colleagues, a desire to share a diagnosis and a therapeutic decision with the patient, his family and the doctors involved in the system.

First of all, the value of our approach consists in the attitude we will have among the doctors, priests and social assistants, waiting for an answer which should be at least equal in attitude from the people interested in our project.

This is not an attempt to improve the medical reformation, it's an attempt to improve the communication between people, to socialize better in the man - woman, husband - wife, children - parents, brothers - sisters, friends relationships, to make a difference between the vital information for our life and the one which prematurely consumes us.

We do not intend to replace any hospital or policlinic, nor will we resemble with any church. We would like to value life in all its forms and fight against arrogance, ignorance, negligence, egoism, imposture, the lack of shame and respect of those around us.

So help us God!