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Dr. Nadir Arber, Professor of Medicine and Gastroenterology
Head - Integrated Cancer Prevention Center
Tel Aviv Medical Center and
Tel Aviv University
6 Weizmann St., Tel Aviv 64239
Tel: 972-3-6974968
Fax: 972-3-6950339

The church and prevention centre

In the same way the church treats the soul problems, prevention must concentrate on treating the body. If God, in His unlimited power, saves the souls of the sinners with "soul cancer", the medical field, due to its limits, sometimes doesn't manage to save the ones who have body cancer.

On this basis, cancer prevention, through an early detection of the illness and maintaining  the health state with the help of education and periodical exams, appears like a mandatory partner of  the conscious man.

The doctor who works in prevention ( along with the people he works with), is not a regular doctor, because he doesn't treat the  patients with common problems. The person who has cancer turns towards God, in almost all the cases. If the doctor doesn't resonate with the patient and offers just an empty cure, without the spiritual element, it appears as a barren medical act, with a lot of lacks, medically speaking,  and the patient ends up body cured or not, but certainly spiritually unbalanced.

The despair of the sick individual, as a recognition of the power of Divinity, most of the times, brings along with it the reorientation toward the church of its family. At the same time, through the contact with the blast of a loved one, the family members discover that the  prevention, by making the healthy person responsible of his condition, is reducing considerably the risks of the emergence and dramatic evolution of the illness.

An important segment of the population, constituted apparently of healthy people, without having dealt in any way with cancer, is, in our country, ignorant or arrogant in what maintaining and constant control of health state directions is concerned. That is exactly the object of prevention. The target of the Prevention Centre is precisely the healthy person, who can fight the disease, by being aware of it, before it emerges. The persons who accept the prevention live in the present, and carry the responsibility of their own future and the future of  their families, being situated in the position of those who increase the number of the healthy ones and not of those who buries them.

In the hospital, the doctor often tries, without succeeding, to cure the body. In Church, the priest tries to cure the soul. In the Prevention Center we try to change the attitude of the doctor-person toward the patient-person and the attitude of the patient-person towards his health condition. Here, the doctor-person, professionally strong, becomes a true partner of the patient-person (sick or healthy) only if he understands the fact that for the diseased person he is both body and soul currant and for the healthy person he is a teacher in maintaining his health condition...

We would be honored if you join us, in our efforts of spiritualizing the medical field, through the centers of cancer prevention.